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  • New Door Installation
  • Garage Door Repair
  • Panel Replacement
  • Safety Inspection
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Springs & Cables
  • Broken Springs Replacement
  • Torsion & Extension
  • Snap Cable Repair
  • Spring Adjustment
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Opener & Parts
  • New Installation
  • Sensor Adjustments
  • Keypad & Remote
  • Opener Repair
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Gate Services
  • Driveway & Pedestrian
  • Intercom System Repair
  • New Installation
  • Opener Repair
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Garage Door Repair Sherman Oaks CA & Surrounding Areas.

We Are Your Trusted Partners for Garage Door Repair in Sherman Oaks

If you are looking for garage door installation, repair or maintenance, trust Magic to offer you the best service available. Our specialists are the most competent in the region, and our certified, factory trained repairmen will work on your garage door operator handily. To be precise, they have all the skills and technical know-how to deliver satisfactory results. Give us a call and get a clear-cut service that works for you.

If you find yourself facing an emergency regarding your garage door anywhere in Sherman Oaks, know that we will be on standby to help you in your time of need. Our team of professionals will swing into action without delay and go straight to conduct an assessment of your garage door. We then give you an estimate after the diagnosis and get into the repair work immediately you give us the green light. Count on everything to work out smoothly when you contract Magic for your repair project.

We offer you excellent, pocket-friendly rates in return for superior service and exceptional workmanship. Contact us at any hour of the day you are in need of our services, and we’ll be there. Don’t worry even if it’s in the night; we pride ourselves in providing a solution to our customers at their desperate times. Our team of repairmen will sort out your problem and restore the functionality of your garage door.

We comprehend that the community in Sherman Oaks operates under a tight timetable, which is why we are organized to be flexible enough to conveniently fit into your schedule and book an appointment whenever you are comfortable. Our technicians are available to offer you their services 24 hours of the day, 7 days of the month all year round. Just contact us, and we’ll be at your doorstep before you know it.

Quality Service

Expect add-on services from us once the repairs on your garage door have been completed.
We will check your garage door system for any signs of wear and tear and proceed to make any necessary replacements to give it a clean bill of health.
The technicians will take you through the basic maintenance activities a property owner can perform by him or herself if you have the interest. Some of our customers have the habit of doing the same before we conduct the inspection. Magic recommends that checks are carried out two times in a year to ensure your garage is in its ideal working condition.

A complete maintenance service agreement is always in hand whenever you want the service.
For a small fee, we will service your garage door twice in a year. Just schedule an appointment for inspection at a time of your choosing and give us a call.

Overhead doors make for a crucial part of the security for any home. The garage door protects you, your property and entire household from trespassers and unwelcome intrusions. Due to this, it is necessary that you organize for repairs on your garage door as soon as you notice that it doesn’t close all the way.

Our services are on call 24/7 whenever you experience a contingency. Our technicians will act swiftly to render quick but sure repairs to your garage door whether it is on your residential property or your business premise. The few competitors in Sherman Oaks we have barely measure up tour level of service especially when you consider that we will be at your doorstep just half an hour after you’ve made the call to us.

Our prices are also the most competitive and our repairs range from minor to major so trust us always to give a solution to your problem. At Magic, we will come to your property sufficiently armed with all the necessary tools to carry out the repairs. And you don’t have to worry about our technicians because they are all bonded, insured and fully licensed.

We are aware that the purpose your garage door serves goes beyond merely enhancing the appeal of your curb. It happens to be among the most critical security points that provide you with a frontline defense to safeguard against criminal elements and security breaches by unwanted trespassers into your home.

Garage Door Service Sherman Oaks

Garage doors entail an intricate web of inner mechanisms, parts, and gears that work together as a unit. The biggest bottleneck for a sustained functional garage door is a worn out spring. This is what causes your garage door to require attention most of the time. Due to friction, moving parts are subjected to wear and tear. The ideal door springs will last 10,000 cycles before the need to replace them.

Make an appointment for a normal maintenance check with us to determine whether any components require repairs or replacement. You don’t want a situation where the garage door comes down crashing when your vehicle is in the garage. It could lead to unnecessary losses. You need a professional garage door service provider to fix the door for you and get it back into shape.

In some situations, the problem can be blamed on the garage door remote. They are also prone to breaking down; going out of tune and completely shutting down. We have technicians who specialize in handling such issues. They can retune the remote for you and get it back to functioning normally. This, they do through the small panel which contains sensitive electronic components that require constant evaluation to ensure they are working. For every garage door problem you experience, trust us to provide a technician who can effectively handle the problem.

Our services extend to driveway gate repairs. If you hear any disturbing sound from your front gate, feel free to call us about it, and we’ll perform a thorough examination, diagnose the problem and fix it as necessary. We will come to your premise whenever you contact us to provide all the services you need. Don’t wait until it’s too late; call Magic today for all your garage door needs!

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I call this company and they dame out today. They were professional and did an excellent job repairing our garage door. Previous companies tried to oversell us with a new garage door opener and the problem turned out to be simple and easy to fix with a more affordable price!

Carmen O.

Great experience with this company! They came out, fixed my garage door and replaced the two additional springs because they were all the same age They did a great job and gave me a very fair price. They were very professional, through and did a terrific job. I highly recommend them.

Mel K.