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Garage Door Spring

In many cases, the majority of people are ignorant of the torsion springs on the garage doors until when they experience a problem with them. They never stop to think that the garage door happens to be the heaviest moving part that is connected to their home. The torsion springs are what make it possible for you to hoist a 400-pound door without much effort; you can even lift it using a single hand. These parts are what do the work for you in case you were wondering.

Some homeowners make a very terrible mistake regarding the torsion springs. When the garage door develops a problem, they attempt fixing the torsion springs on their, own oblivious of the fact that these springs loosen up at over 500 pounds of instantaneous force if the person releasing them is not sure of how it is done. Can you imagine the extent of damage this could cause to a person standing anywhere close?

During routine usage of the garage doors, friction acts on the moving parts exposing them to wear and tear. Continuous usage ensures that the wear and tear takes a toll on the moving parts. For instance, the torsion springs tend to wear down after 6000 cycles, that’s an equivalent of approximately six years of usage. In normal circumstances, the springs break down at the same moment since they work together to hoist the garage door. The shelf life of the springs is around 6 years. Magic Garage Doors provides you with a maintenance service that will save you the risk of exposure to the broken springs through a thorough inspection of the parts; this being an aspect of the garage door safety check that we carry out twice in a year.

Our able technicians will pick out any signs of wear as they inspect the springs on your garage door and swap them with fresh ones before wear and tear get the better of them. This will ensure that they don’t break when they are still in use. Magic Garage Door Repair Company in Sherman Oaks has a complete inventory line of spare parts that are manufacturer approved.

Magic Garage Door Spring Repair

When searching for a trusted local expert for garage door repairs in Sherman Oaks, come to Magic Garage Doors. We have been in business for an impressive 10 years, continuously delivering swift and unparalleled garage door services to clients in Sherman Oaks. Our reputation precedes us! Our garage specialists are factory certified and have the technical smarts to render repair services to your garage door under warranty. They have the proficiency necessary to handle any kind of challenge you might be facing. We will restore the torsion springs on your garage door and fix all the issues related to its failing.

Our team is well trained to handle installation, servicing, and repair of all the brand names and major manufacture components. The knowledge they possess has been impressive enough to earn us the reputation of the most popular garage door repair company in the whole of Sherman Oaks.

Keep in mind that a faulty torsion spring will impact a lot of harm to your garage door and the garage in its entirety. This is what will happen aside from the possibility of getting you seriously injured. When the springs are at a stage of complete wear and tear, your door tends to open irregularly. This can be damaging to the door panels and other components. If you are experiencing such a problem, you better replace it before it gets to a serious stage.

Call us for garage door repair and our technicians will start sorting out your issue as soon as they get to your property. The first thing they do is examine the torsion springs then continue to other parts of the garage door system. This inspection will enable them to pick out precisely the cause of the problem bothering your garage door. Some common signs of faulty torsion springs will generally involve an uneven garage door during opening. Another symptom is that the door will fail to open beyond 2 to 3 inches.

Out technical team knows what is needed to ease the force in the torsion spring to make the fixtures. We make sure that there won’t be further damage once we have made the repairs. You can look forward to a quick and effective component repair and replacement with factory approved spares whenever we are working on your garage door.

The torsion springs on your door are mounted to brackets via still anchor cones. These brackets attach to your garage walls. The other side of the spring is a twisted cone that comes in handy when installing, uninstalling the spring, and making adjustments to it. These springs are loaded with force which is responsible for opening and closing of the garage doors. Restoration and servicing of the doors is conducted by competent technicians who make use of specialized garage door tools. During the installation or adjustment of the torsion springs, you require a proficient technician carrying out the task to keep it safe.

The base end of the garage door cable causes the up and down motion of the garage door as the cable drums transfer the force from the shaft. The shaft goes through the torsion springs and unleashes the force when the drum is active. The cable drums which are wrapped around with coils exert pressure on the bearings. The end plates rest on the shaft. All these components work as a unit to open and close the garage door. It is clear from this summarized overview that a qualified technician is the right person to handle the problem.

Contact us for garage door torsion spring repair. At Magic, we’ll get it done for you in the shortest time possible. We have a 24-hour daily service for any repairs you might want on your garage door. Call us for quality repair services at competitive prices in your area. Our technicians will even advise you on various maintenance measures for the good of your garage door. Trust me; you won’t regret doing business with us!